Selling your Website for a Profit

Buying and selling websites can a very lucrative business these days. Indeed, a website that you initially started or obtained for little outlay could well be worth a great deal of money if you have made a success of it.

If you do indeed have such a site then you might well benefit from a thinking about the following aspects:

Consider your site’s appeal
You need to realise from the outset that not all websites have immediate appeal to potential buyers. Indeed, if your site is very dependant on your individual input then you will most likely find it hard to sell. Personal blogs and sites which sell bespoke products (e.g. jewellery) are classic examples of this. Also, sites that do not convey longevity can also be difficult to sell; therefore if you have a date like ’2014′ or the name of a sports tournament which is likely to become outdated in your URL, you should consider channelling the traffic to a new URL at least a year before endeavouring to make the sale. In general, affiliate sites, Adsense sites, forums and drop-ship e-commerce sites normally have the most appeal to potential buyers, as long as the products and content are ‘suitably acceptable’ i.e. not illegal or of an adult nature.

Keep comprehensive records
Most people who are looking to buy a website are unlikely to just take your word for it that your site is the perfect investment for them. No, if your website really is great then buyers will want to see proof of it. In general, the best way to do this is to have comprehensive records at hand which can be studied and scrutinised in detail. It is easy to keep detailed records: all you need to do is enter things like payments and  expenses into a suitable records package (or profit/loss spreadsheet). Be sure to keep all dates and amounts accurate and up to date.

Keep detailed web stats
As well as comprehensive records, people looking to buy websites generally want to see Google Analytics. So, if you don’t have it installed on your site, get it. Without doubt, it makes sense to do it now rather than waiting until you are ready to sell, as the more history your site has, the better it will be for you.

Make suitable preparations
Try to think of any issues which might make a potential buyer wary of buying your site and fix them before you put your site up for sale. For example, if your site is dependent on copywriters, make sure they’ll still be available after the sale. Or, if you sell commercial products, ensure that your suppliers will be willing to work with a new owner. Buyers don’t like surprises and as such they will run away from any deal that throws up unexpected issues.

If you meet the above criteria and have realistic expectations then the odds of selling your site could be very favourable indeed.


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